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Welcome to Dr. Naram Foundation

Walk into one of Dr. Pankaj Naram's health clinics and chances are you will see lives being transformed right in front of your eyes.

At one such clinic in Manhattan recently, several of his patients went through a marma session and reported substantial improvement of their ailments in just 30 minutes.

Marma is a powerful instrument of 'ancient secrets' that originated 6,000 years ago, a process, and a therapy that works with 108 subtle and sensitive energy points in the body. Dr. Naram is recognized as an expert in marma chikitsa and has used it throughout his 25-year practice to treat many critical conditions without performing any surgery.

Dr Naram is a world-renowned master of Siddha Veda, which is considered the most ancient form of healing, with its secrets only revealed to a select few, yet beneficial to millions of people throughout the centuries.

Dr Naram's meteoric rise culminates in his multifunctional clinics globally. The by-appointment-only clinics are conducted around the world by Dr Naram and his most senior students, including Dr Marianji, who engaged in seven years of intensive training in Siddha Veda, which recently resulted in her receiving a Ph.D in 'The Lost Ancient Secrets of Treating High Blood Pressure.'

Dr Naram's tale is one of giving hope to the hopeless. More than 35,000 couples have been cured of infertility. Heart patients, suffering from total arterial blockage and consigned to dotage, have stepped out of his clinic as limber as athletes. Victims of rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure and spondylitis have been almost totally healed, he says.

Your Children, Nepal Orphanage

Dr Naram has even stabilized the condition of some AIDS and cancer patients. Epilepsy patients and the mentally deficient have found relief with him.

Dave (name changed on request), from Henderson, Nevada, had prostate cancer that had already spread outside of his prostate. He went to 8 doctors, who told him the only solution was surgeries, chemotherapy, and hormonal injections.

'Lots of times people get nervous when they get sick. Fear is the number one killer.' Dave said, speaking of his experience. His wife added that when all options were giving him fear, even the very first visit with Dr Naram brought him hope and possibility. From his medical reports and personal experiences, Dave's cancer is in remission after six months of using 'Dr Naram's Ancient Herbal Supplements & Diet Secrets' and he is fully back in shape as he was before the cancer.

Dave is one of over a million people from 108 countries that Dr Naram has helped experience vibrant health.

Dr Giovanni Brincivalli, a medical doctor from Italy and a student of Dr Naram for over 14 years, was asked what is it that makes such a big difference in cases like Dave? Why ancient secrets work, when modern medicine doesn't?'

Dr. Givoanni said, 'There is a power of time-tested healing results in the formulas that come from the ancient 2,500-year- old scriptures and lineage of Dr Naram. For thousands of years, they have specialized in finding ways to bring balance and vibrant health to mind, body, and emotions.'

When asked what specifically to do for prostate challenges, like prostate cancer, Dr Giovanni said he recommends with great results the 'Ancient Secret Formulas' from Dr Naram for these conditions: Healthy Prostate Formula, Immuno 2000 Formula, Tridosh Har Formula, and he also suggests Dr Naram's home remedy: turmeric powder - ' tsp., basil (Tulsi) leaves - 7.

Dr Giovanni added that to improve 'Manhood' stamina, he recommends and uses two of Dr Naram's most powerful 'Ancient Secret Formulas: Be Young Formula & Ananda Formula.'

Dr Naram learned pulse diagnosis from his guru Baba Ramdas, a Himalayan master who consented to initiate him into the art only after breaking down his ego by making him clean toilets. Central to Siddha Veda is the concept of aam-impurity generated by tridosha imbalance. With herbal extracts, diet and panchkarma, a Siddha Veda healer can eliminate aam to restore balance. The 'Ancient Youth Secret' clinics of Dr Naram are fully equipped for such treatment.

The evolution of Siddha Veda is ancient as well as fascinating. About 2,500 years ago a healer named Vaidya Jivaka, the personal physician to Lord Buddha, created a secret society called Siddha Veda by discreetly choosing apprentices eager to learn the art and science of this most amazing and miraculously effective form of healing.

To become initiated into this lineage, there are many precise rituals, ceremonies and difficult exams, which are still practiced and observed. One can compare it to the position of Knighthood, a title earned by enduring many hardships and following an absolute discipline has to adhere to a non-negotiable code of honor.

The healers belonging to this lineage were all travelers passing through cities and villages, staying long enough to learn about the people and the diseases that affected them. They would discover how various climates, nutrients, habits, gender, race and body types manifest different diseases and most importantly how to treat and cure them. Living a nomadic life, as difficult and inconvenient as it could have been as also extremely necessary for gaining knowledge and access to different cultures, as well as to add to the collective wisdom that was to be passed on to the next generation.

Although Vaidya Jivaka was a physician to the elite, he found himself drawn to the cause of caring for the health and wellbeing of people from all backgrounds. The vastness of his knowledge and wisdom was a direct result of treating various illnesses affecting all different races. The rich and the poor, the young and the old.

Vaidya Jivaka and thereafter, every head of the lineage was expected to keep a detailed account of all ailments which effected the mind, body and emotions of his patients. Meticulously noting his observations of the root cause of each disease and condition, this information was then gathered and brought back to India and kept safely in ashrams and monasteries. During the sudden invasion by the Mogul Empire, cities, villages and monasteries in India were attacked and burned to the ground. Students risked their lives to save the scriptures and secretly transported them to the Himalayas, where they were hidden and kept safe from harm for centuries. The hiding places were only known to a few, the knowledge being accessible exclusively to those who were to pass the legacy onward.

Dr Naram started his journey 32 years ago by being accepted as an apprentice under the guidance of Baba Ramdas, his beloved guru. After a 1,000 days of intensive training by his guru's side, he was brought in front of the committee of elders of Siddha Veda lineage. The committee chose Dr Naram to become the next head of the lineage, giving him the immense responsibility of restoring the scriptures and translating them to make its benefits accessible to the people of the world.

In keeping with the nomadic traditions, Dr Naram travels the world to spread the healing powers of Siddha Veda and his lineage. He has no country which he belongs to. When asked he modestly calls himself a citizen of world. He believes himself to be the humble messenger, to deliver the message that was entrusted to him by his much cherished guru, Baba Ramdas. When asked why he is doing all this, Dr Naram quickly says, 'My mission is to help benefit every heart and every home with the power of ancient secrets. I myself used to be overweight, high diabetes, and had no hair. Now that has all changed. My blood sugar is normal, my weight reduced to normal, and my hair came back.' With a twinkle in his eyes, he added, 'I used to have lots of time but no hair. Now I have lots of hair, but no time.'

Dr Naram is sponsoring several humanitarian projects:

* Over 350 HIV patients are being treated in India, free of charge. Their treatment includes all ancient secrets herbal formulas, laboratory testing and necessary Panchakarma treatments. Having heard of Dr Naram's success in treating HIV patients, Mother Teresa approached him and asked for his assistance in creating an HIV hospital. Unfortunately, Mother Teresa passed away before this dream could be realized, but her dreams carries on through Dr Naram's work.

* Dr. Naram works directly with Serving Those Who Serve (, a non-profit organization in New York dedicated to the health and well being of workers and Volunteers who served at Ground Zero and related sites in New Yok. More than thousands people exposed to toxins following the terrorist attacks of 9/11 are being treated with the most incredible results. This project was entirely funded by Dr Naram as gift to the brave men and women who risked their lives to save the lives of others.

* Many schools providing medical care and education for children with sponsored through Dr. Naram's Foundation. The students of these schools are trained and integrated into everyday social settings. Many now enjoy a healthy family life and hold regular jobs.